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How to Refer

Anyone can refer into our project.   Most of our referrals come from word of mouth and we welcome referrals from all other professionals.

Referrals can happen through a phone call or by completing the attached referral forms and sending to us via email or post.

We also operate an open door policy if someone would like to drop in,  or ring and talk to a staff member to find out about our services and make an appointment.

Our aim is to see someone within one week of a referral being made.


EDIT Adult Programme Referral Form


Edenmore Drug Intervention Team


What to expect when you come for an assessment:

An assessment usually lasts 45 minutes to one hour. During the assessment, we ask each person what they would like to achieve by coming to our service and we will work with them towards whatever goal they have. That could be any of the following:

  • be safer in their drug and alcohol use
  • become more stable on their prescribed medication
  • reduce their drug/alcohol use,
  • be referred into treatment or work towards being substance free in the community
  • attend for aftercare
  • once drug/alcohol free individuals can avail of substance use counselling

Each individual can expect that we will work with them to raise their own awareness of their substance use so that they are making informed decisions and have more control over their thoughts and actions. Our main outcome is for individuals to realise they have choices, and by making different decisions they can have more control over their lives.