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Drug & Alcohol Free Aftercare Group for Adults

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Drug and Alcohol Free Aftercare Group

In a culture where drugs and particularly alcohol are readily available and accepted,  it is difficult to keep sight of staying sober!

If you need to be reminded of all the reasons to stay drug free and sober then please join our Drug/Alcohol Free Aftercare Group.   This group provides people with practical and emotional support and a sense of belonging with like minded people.  It can be tough to stay focused when it seems like everyone else around you is using substances!

We have been conditioned to believe that alcohol especially is fun, and we can’t be “normal” or have the same fun sober.  Our group goes on regular outings to promote having fun without using drugs and alcohol,  and they have lots of fun!  Examples of outings include trips to the theatre, Mondello Race Track, Go Quest, and sometimes they just chill and go for a meal together.


The group runs every Wednesday evening from 7 – 9pm in The Morning Centre at the Artane Roundabout.


If you would like to chat about what this group can offer you then please give Mags a call on 01 8670271


EDIT supports the Dublin North East Drug & Alcohol Task Force to manage this group.