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EDIT provides practical and therapeutic one to one support for adults who are using drugs and alcohol. We will work with all drug users regardless of their choice of drug/alcohol and the amounts they are using.

The first step is to make contact with us and come in for a chat about the problems you are having with drugs and alcohol and then a plan is made with you.


Support for Active Drug/Alcohol Users:
• Harm reduction advice and information
• Crisis Intervention
• Brief Intervention
• Reduce the Use support
• Stabilisation support: becoming compliant with prescribed medication
• Liaison with prescribing GPs


One to One Therapeutic Key Working:
• The therapeutic model is based on evidenced based therapeutic tools: this includes the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA)
• Janus Solution Resonance Factor that focuses on the relationship that the person develops with their substance, how this affects the choices they make and subsequent behaviours. This approach underpins our work in EDIT.
• Motivational Interviewing (MI)
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
• Reduce the Use initiatives
• Choice Theory
• Community Detox


Access to Community and Residential Treatment Facilities:
• One to one and group support to access treatment facilities
• Preparation for residential treatment facilities
• Referral to residential detoxification
• Referral to residential treatment facilities
• Urinalysis for referral to residential treatment facilities
• Access to funding for treatment options where required


Mags and Paula are our adult team workers and will be happy to talk through our services with you.


Edenmore Drug Intervention Team

EDIT Adult Programme Referral Form



Treatment Preparation Group

EDIT runs a group for individuals who are preparing to become drug and alcohol free. We understand that this can be a worrying time for people, especially when using drugs and alcohol for many years.

We know that preparing people for this change is very important and that there is a sense of grief and loss that is experienced when making these changes.
Topics discussed at these groups include:

• What will it be like when I am drug/alcohol free?
• Exploring feelings of loss around giving up drugs/alcohol
• Learning from past attempts to become drug/alcohol free
• Information on all treatment centres
• What to expect when in treatment
• Managing emotions in treatment
• Planning ahead for leaving treatment

If interested in this group then please contact Mags or Paula

Drug & Alcohol Free Aftercare Support Group

EDIT works with the Dublin North East Task Force in running a drug and alcohol free recovery group that is facilitated by two workers; Jenni and James.

The group runs every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 9pm in The Mornington Centre at the Artane roundabout.

The aim of this is to provide ongoing support for people who are drug and alcohol free. A person must be at least two months drug/alcohol free to access this group.

We stress the importance of fun and offer regular outings to group members to promote sober socialising!

If you are interested in accessing this group, or would like to refer someone, then please contact Mags who will chat to you about the group and arrange a meeting with us.